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  • How do I make a booking?
    When you find a place you like, simply WhatsApp/Email us. We will walk you through the online process - sign up via mobile and secure the apartment.
  • What amenities and appliances are provided?
    All our properties feature a TV, superfast 1GB Wifi, furnishing, washing machine and probably dryer. Additional apartment amenities and condo facilities vary by property.
  • Do all your properties come furnished?
    Yes, comprehensively furnished. As a minimum you can expect in the common areas: dining table and chairs, sofa and armchair, coffee table, TV, shelving unit and decorative accessories.
  • What maintenance is covered?
    NxDoor covers all maintenance in the property with exception of light bulb and battery replacement which is the responsibility of the tenant. To report any maintenance issues in your property please contact us.
  • What are the responsibilities of the tenant?
    Tenants must keep the place in good repair and sanitary conditions, ensuring that rubbish is removed on a regular basis and that common areas are left tidy.
  • About Payment?
    Upfront: A deposit (refundable at the end of tenancy) which is equivalent to one month’s rent, and first month’s rent in advance. An invoice will be issued on the 24th of each month to cover your next month’s rent. Payment of the invoice in full is expected before the first of the month.
  • Any other fees?
    No agent fee. Monthly Utilities bill to be shared among flatmates which typically ranges from S$60-120 per person; Optional on-boarding package for S$100 including brand new bed sheet, pillow, pillowcase, quilt and quilt cover.
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